New Exhibit for the Museum at FIT

PINK: The history of a Punk, Pretty, and Powerful Color -  is the name for the up and coming Fall 2018 Exhibition at the Museum at FIT.  Exhibition design always begins with the carefully prepared list of objects supplied to us by the curator, Museum Director Dr. Valerie Steele.  From there an initial sketch idea not only locates key objects but suggests the design strategy for the Exhibition.  Approximately 60 objects will be divided between the two main rooms of FIT's special exhibitions below grade galleries.  The smaller introduction gallery will feature a continuous U-shaped platform to reinforce the historical nature of Pink in fashion which is then contrasted by the rectilinear style checkerboard pattern in the main space.  We are looking forward to developing these ideas further in the next few months with the Museum's amazing production team.  Stay tuned!

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California 88

CA88 - HANDSKETCH copy.jpg

California style meets Greenpoint Brooklyn in our new wine bar design for California 88  - a place that will feature wines, food and product from the Golden State.  This fresh idea is the brainchild of Eric Hsu
and Stephanie Watanable, friends who have their fingers on the pulse of great food and wine from the
West Coast.  Our design capitalizes on the 14’ high ceilings and features a custom chandelier comprised
of almost 500 clear wine bottles.  We might need some help emptying those if anyone’s interested…..! 
We’re posting here a couple of sketches communicating the different vibes for the space.